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Please help me complete my Master's Thesis (and graduate and return my family to a saner pace of living) by completing this survey.  All questions are short-answer format, but please take the time and space you need to articulate yourself well. The survey has been completed in as little as 20 minutes and is not timed, so if you take days to complete it, that's fine! (Just make sure you submit when you're done.) None of the questions are mandatory, though every response is appreciated!

All completed surveys (that include a valid email address) will be entered into weekly prize drawings through February and March of 2015.  Prizes range in value from $30-$300, and your odds of winning are decent. Winners will be contacted via email. More information will be posted at www.momsmediamanual.com. Surveys must be completed by March 31st for prize eligibility.

The purpose of this survey, and my thesis, is to explore how women create and perform the identities of their family units and their selves via blogging. I hope to respectfully explore some of the nuance that goes into that decision making process, and how pressures unique to the female experience function to shape a type of autobiographical text, often with a fluid boundary between selves and others.

You do not need to have a blog that is "about" your family to participate.  Anyone who is blogging in a way that acknowledges they have a family will be able to provide me with valuable information!

I appreciate every minute of your valuable time, and hope that reflecting on these questions is a constructive experience for you!


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