Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Media Production Experience: Goals for Class

My goals and initial objectives for a "Media Production Experience" course are:

  1. To complete a reasonable review of concepts, skills, and roles that I learned as an undergrad (in TMA 185, 285, and others) to help me refresh those items my brain may have misplaced for lack of use.
  2. To feel reasonably confident undertaking a moderate single-creator video project, from pre-production through post production. 
  3. To increase my proficiency in using equipment and software I will continue to have access to after the course ends.
  4. To increase my pedagogy arsenal for teaching the skills covered in class to others in the future.
  5. To create several things that provide me with the benefits of "carpentry" discussed by Ian Bogost.
  6. To see a measurable increase in the production value of projects I create over time.
  7. To engage in critical discussion about the decisions that go into the creation of media. 
  8. To feel/be qualified to instruct an absolute beginner in acquiring basic video production skills. 

Video Examples of short/compelling stories

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