Saturday, December 27, 2014

Onward and Upward

Hey World!

I took my comprehensive exams just a few days before Christmas, and hopefully my days of needing to use this blog to post coursework are over.  (Big sigh of relief). I am still hoping to use it as a tool for completing my thesis though, and so I will be posting information relative to my research, or to my media literacy interests generally.  Aren't you lucky?

My thesis, broadly, is about how mothers construct and perform identities for their family members online, and how this informs the performance of their individual identities online.  There's a lot of feminist theories about intersubjectivities unique to the female experience.  Women's sense of self in relation to their audience and to the principle characters in their lives differs somewhat from the normative (male) autobiographical voice and sense of "self."  I'd like to see how this is manifest in the way women address their families when they blog.

So: lots of autobiographical theory, feminist theory, digital theories, sociological identity theories, etc.
But mostly, I just want to explore, respectfully and thoroughly, the digital landscape of modern motherhood.  It's too easily dismissed for such a riotously complex phenomenon.

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