Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Links for Media Literacy, Pedagogy, and Access

Videos I highly recommend, and personally found relevant for this week:

David Foster Wallace "This is Water" Commencement Speech: 
I would have loved to have had a discussion about how this relates to Freire's "Explaining to the masses their own actions."  As well as his concept of the oppressed realizing that the status quo is limiting them from reaching their potential.  Plus it kind of worked with the educative vs banking dichotomy.

Tavi Gevinson Ted Talk, "A Teen just trying to figure it out":
I was fascinated by the way access interplays with her entire project.  A part of access (I think) that we didn't get to discussing in class is access to voice, or a way of communicating in a public forum when we have something to contribute.  (I think this was perhaps implied/included under "access to dominant mode of communication?")  For a teenage girl to take this kind of initiative, both creatively and organizationally is impressive to me. I'm always really interested in people who don't wait for permission to do what interests them.  I personally performed really well under the banking model of education, and it conditioned me to think inside the box to the point where it would never occur to me to do what Tavi has done.  

A little teacher ode from the New York Times, "Mr. Wright":
So, this is admittedly designed to be an emotional piece, but I felt like it emulated a lot of the characteristics that both Freire and Dewey extolled.  Plus I find it helpful to try to visualize what this ideal teaching might look like.  Here is a science teacher, totally willing to engage in that type of teacher-student/student-teacher relationship Freire was talking about, clearly full of love and genuine concern for his students.  I see lots of Dewey's "conjoint activities". He's willing to engage in conversations with them that put him in a vulnerable (rejectable) position, but which clearly communicate earnestness.  Mostly I just found his emotional integrity and vulnerability to be stunning.  I think Freire would like him.  Probably Jesus too.

Additionally, some links to things (ahem, TED Talks.... I apologize.  I spent 18 months watching 2 or 3 Ted Talks  I will probably pull things from them in the future, hope nobody is strongly anti-TED) that came up in our discussion.  I know nobody likely has time to watch all of these right away, but I'd say pull one up whenever you find yourself with 15 minutes:

Brene Brown: The power of Vulnerability:
Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution:
Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms: (SUPER RELEVANT TO ACCESS):
Ken Robinson: How to escape education's Death Valley:


Sugata Mitra: Children can Teach themselves: (ACCESS, AGAIN):

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